Exercise 3



Academy Leader "Trick"

The title Trick is in reference to the sport known as Tricking which is being demonstrated in this video. This Academy Leader aims to combine live action footage with animated numbers by having the numbers traced by the movements of the body. While not every movement produces a perfect 'drawing' of each number, I tried my best to compose each shot and trick to appropriately display each number.

Most movements "draw" a curve, which is appropriate as most of the numbers used have curves in them. Number 7 and 4 were a bit more challenging as they are made of up straight lines. Number 7 was created by using my body held horizontally with the rest of the 7 being animated. For number 4, I chose a specific camera angle in which my leg travels vertically downwards in order to create the stem of the 4. The number 8 is not traced however, in order to break up the expectations of the series.

With more time to film and choreograph movements, there are a few numbers I would re-do if given the chance. For example, number 8 could be created with a birds eye view, shooting downwards at two synchronized tricks that both create the two circular loops of the 8. 

Journal 12 - 35 Million Directors

The video 35 million directors uses clever transition s between related clips in order to create a captivating compilation of Canadian experiences, locations and activities. This video is a 2 minute condensed version of about 65 hours of footage and does an excellent job of summarizing what Canada means to Canadians. His collaborative video paints a very positive picture of Canada by combining the wide variety of clips with very upbeat and uplifting music.

Journal 11 - Scott Pilgrim Opening Credits

The opening credits for the movie Scott pilgrim vs the world (Starting at 1:00) are able to create captivating visuals using color, shapes and line. Using the technique where film is painted and drawn on, the sequence is able to set an appropriate tone for the movie with vibrant colours, rapidly changing symbols and high energy lines. I think the visuals also accompany the music perfectly by emphasizing the rough sounds of the audio while highlighting the upbeat and highly energetic nature of the music style.

Journal 10 - Real Player Downloader


Real player downloader allows you download web videos (.FLV, .Mp4) from streaming sites such as youtube, vimeo, or dailymotion without having access to a 'download link'. It comes in handy when you need to save these files for archiving or converting them to use for other projects. 

Journal 09 - Her Morning Elegance

This music video for Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" is a fantastc example of creativity within the realm of stop motion video. Not only is the video well shot, it also uses bed-items such as blankets, pillows, comforters to create the various objects in this dreamworld, such as clouds and even jelly fish. The video also does an exceptional job of conveying movement in such a confined space, as the actress travels from above ground, to under water and back. 

Academy Sketch

X-Ray Update